Film Lamination

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Creative Coatings is a full service laminating/finishing house serving the commercial print & graphics industry. Specializing in volume production we offer a complete line of laminating film thicknesses & finishes.

Our (4) high speed fully-automated laminators can handle sheet sizes up to 30 X 40" on either 1 or 2 sides.

Below is a listing of some of the laminating films we offer:

Finish   1.3 1.7 3 5 10
Clear or Gloss   X X X X X
  Glueable/Stampable X X      
Satin   X X      
Matte   X X X X X
SuperMatte   X X      
  Glueable/Stampable X X      
  Scuff Resistant X X      
Soft Touch   X X  X X X
Metalized   X        
Colored Films   X        
Linen       X    

Film LaminationThings to consider:

Printed sheets need to be completely dry to assure good adhesion of the laminating film to the ink surface. Aqueous coatings will be dry to the touch but can inhibit the drying process of the ink underneath. Give the sheets time to dry.

Waxes & silicones in the inks will do their jobs & protect the ink surfaces. For laminated sheets use inks free of waxes & silicones. This also applies to UV Coating.