UV Coating

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Creative Coatings offers both spot & full sheet UV coatings in a variety of finishes. With our coating lines we can apply gloss/clear, satin and 2 types of matte UV coatings: Matte UV I and Matte UV II. There are clever combinations of printing and offline UV coatings that can create unique effects.

The minimum sheet size for Spot UV is 11 X 17 with a maximum size up to 28 X 40.5"

Things to consider when finishing your project with UV Coating....

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  • Printed sheets need to be completely dry to assure good adhesion of the UV coating to the ink surface. Aqueous coatings will be dry to the touch but can inhibit the drying process of the ink underneath. Although we are generally successful in UV coating over aqueous-coated sheets, some issues can arise if the inks underneath are not set. Give the sheets time to dry.
  • Inks should be free of waxes & silicones with spray powder kept to a minimum.
  • Once in a while Reflex Blue & Rhodamine Red will shift color after the UV is applied. Inform your ink supplier and have them provide a UV-compatible ink with those colors.
  • Not sure if the art and design will work? Send us a PDF. We will review it and share any concerns and ideas with you.

Specialty Coatings

We offer a series of specialty coatings and finishes. All of our coatings can be used based on your design. We encourage you to call us. Tell us what you are trying to achieve. We can help you design & build what you want. That's why we are Creative Coatings!

  • StepTex

    A Raised UV for the embossed look. No de-bossing on the reverse side.
  • SandPaper Coating

    A sandpaper texture with a rough tactile feel.

  • EtchCoat

    EtchCoat offers a very fine patterned coating. Over 200 patterns available. Great for packaging.

  • Glitter Coating

    A large glitter flake. Available in various colors and a multicolor pearlescent effect. Influenced by the ink underneath.

  • MetalFlake Coating

    Extremely fine metal flakes. Available in multiple colors. Similar to auto paint.
  • Tinted Coating

    Optically clear color coatings. Multiple colors available. Able to color match. Great over clear plastics.

  • Colored UV

    Screen printed up to 28 X 40” press sheet. High opacity inks. Whites and multiple colors available.

  • Thermochromic

    A temperature activated coating. Available in multiple colors that turn clear when heated.

  • Photochromic

    A clear ink activated by sunlight to turn color.

  • Glow in the dark

    A high closs coating that will glow in the dark.

  • Scratch Off Coatings

    Available in Gold & Silver. Any shape or size. Applied in a secured environment. Great for variable data. Colored overprints available. Things to consider: Screen back image image under scratch off coating to 20%. Print numbers in your gutters on the press sheets to insure accuracy and order for variable data projects. Please call and let us help with your next scratch off project!

  • Chalkboard Coating

    Coating emulates a chalkboard surface; use with standard chalk. Available in black and clear (which has a slightly yellow tint).